The Service

On the day of your appointment, Steve will arrive on time and in his official uniform and car. You can’t miss him!

Even if it’s your first time or you’re a regular customer, you’ll have an initial consultation to understand your needs, what you want out of your hair and any concerns you have.

If you want to try something new or different, Steve will give you his expert opinion and advice based on his years of experience and how you will look.

Don’t worry about the mess, Steve will bring ground sheets and a free standing mirror so there is minimal disruption to your day! Not many mobile hairdressers bring a free standing mirror- which means that you can have your haircut in practically any room in the house- no matter how small.

Men’s Haircuts

Steve knows about the types of haircuts men want. Whether you are traditional, or want something a little more modern. The best men’s haircuts not only look great, but keep their shape longer. Steve makes sure that your haircut reflect who you are and complements your style.

And the best of all, no waiting in the barbers for your turn or favourite stylist.

Women’s Haircuts
Women's Haircut

When you have a great haircut, you’ll know the difference. Your haircut is designed to last you through the hair growth, so making sure that the hair is even and well cared for means that you’ll still be seeing the difference well after your appointment. Steve works through the haircut in a methodical manner as he understands the way that hair falls, the weight of the hair so that when the hair grows, you’ll have the same style, but longer!

Senior’s Haircuts

If getting to the hair salon is becoming more of a problem for you, a friendly experienced and dedicated mobile hairdresser is the reliability you need. Committed to giving a great service, Steve will make sure that you get a great haircut that suits you, the right shape and importantly is easy for you to manage.

Children’s Haircuts

Worried about how your children will be with their haircut? Steve can easily take out the stress of a haircut, for them and their parents. Steve is flexible and adaptable for all needs, if they want to watch their favourite TV programme or play with their toys, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

Need a Colourist?

Steve recommends his tried and tested partner Emma Baker at All Do Hair, visit their website here.


“Steve has been cutting my hair for the last 25 years, and even though my hair has got shorter over the years, my biggest challenge was growing it out to my natural colour (which is now grey). Steve kept re-assuring me that it would look great, although it took me three haircuts to convert, and two months to get used to it, once the compliments came rolling in I soon got used to it. Not only go I look great, there’s no more faffing with dyes, and making the best out of my hair the way it is.”